Senior Director, Drug Product Design, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer Ltd

Over the past 25+ years at Pfizer I have been fortunate to have worked on a wide range of drug products (e.g Tikosyn, Vfend, Sutent, Macugen, Celzentry, Toviaz, Bosulif, Vizimpro, Lorviqua, Talzenna) and drug delivery technologies (Vfend IV, Caduet, and Viagra ODT) including IR and MR tablets and capsules, parenteral, oral liquid products, inhalation and paediatric dosage forms. In addition I have presented CMC packages at EMEA, FDA and PMDA (Japan). I am currently responsible for Formulation and Process Design group. External to Pfizer I recently led the Innovate UK cross industry/academia collaborative R&D project “Accelerating paediatric development through smart design and predictive science”. I was part of the cross- sector team that successfully secured £28m funding for the National Formulation Centre based in the NE of UK. I am a Honorary Professor at both UCL and Nottingham University and a Management Board member for the University of Nottingham/UCL CDT in Advanced and Targeted Therapeutics, a member of the Academy for Pharmaceutical Sciences Regulatory Focus Group Steering Committee and until recently a Member of the RPS Pharmaceutical Sciences Expert Advisory Panel.

I received a B.Pharm. in Pharmacy (1987) and a Ph.D in Drug Delivery (1991) both from Nottingham University.



23 September 2021