Medical Technology & IVD Strategy Advisor, CPI

Ally has served in engineering for over 30 Years in the fields of in vitro diagnostics, automotive, smartcard applications and military systems.

Prior to joining CPI, Ally was at J&J and Lifescan for 16 yrs where he was Director of R&D with responsibility for the strategic leadership of LifeScan’s blood glucose monitoring development.  He has a proven track record in design & manufacture of connected medical devices creating solutions that bring improved patient care & benefits through outcomes driven innovation.

Ally has also presented to the US FDA on blood glucose meter development & manufacture as part of their internal auditor teaching program and has several patents related to diabetes monitoring.

He has launched many medical devices globally and his products are used on a daily basis by over 10 million people in the monitoring of their diabetes.

In his spare time, Ally is a keen cyclist and enjoys cooking and travel and spending time with his family.