Apeikon Therapeutics, a spin out from King’s College, London, has developed a novel Platform Technology for targeted drug delivery to specific sites/lesions within the body to treat diseases with high unmet medical need.  The major target application is treatment of solid tumours.

 The technology is based on proprietary drug-filled liposomes with two key characteristics: (i) ability to be imaged by Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging and (ii) sensitivity to Focused Ultrasound in order to activate release of drug load (MRgFUS). 

 Apeikon’s technology is suitable for use with existing approved and experimental anticancer agents (including chemotherapeutics, RNA based agents and antibodies) and it has the capacity to co-deliver drugs for combination therapy.  In preclinical studies in cancer models, the technology has demonstrated significantly greater efficacy at substantially reduced dose compared with unencapsulated drugs, improving therapeutic index by as much as 100-fold.

 Apeikon Therapeutics was recently awarded a major Innovate UK grant and as part of this award will begin engagement with regulatory agencies and clinical trial experts to move towards clinical studies. Apeikon is seeking Seed Funds to expand the therapeutics pipeline.     

17 May 2022
Leonardo Royal Hotel
London Tower Bridge