BelfastBelfast’s residents have been named the most unhealthy in the UK, with nearly half (45%) of its population admitting that they regularly ‘enjoy eating unhealthily,’ a study carried out by dairy protein drink Upbeat has revealed. The results are nearly double that of Sheffield and Brighton, who came in joint second place with more than a quarter (26%) of their residents admitting their love of junk food. On the other end of the scale, Londoners appear to be the most health conscious in the UK, with a giant 87% preferring healthier foods overall.

Making excuses for eating unhealthy comes most naturally to those living in Edinburgh, with a staggering 53% admitting they make up reasons to justify picking poor food choices.  ‘I’ve earnt it’, ‘I’ve had a bad day’ or ‘I’m too tired to cook’ were revealed as the most common excuses given by Brits.  Second place goes to Southampton with 51%, closely followed by Belfast with 50%.

More than one fifth (22%) of UK adults aged 24–35 believe that it is simply too expensive to afford to eat healthily in Britain, while just under a quarter (24%) of 16-24 year olds, admit to consistently eating unhealthy foods without any guilt.

Dr Adam Carey, nutritional health and wellness expert, commented: “Having the willpower to eat healthily on a day to day basis isn’t just mind over matter, it’s also about making the right food choices to set you up for the day! It’s very easy to undo a week’s worth of hard work and effort with just one day of poor food choices! Recent research actually shows that people who have a protein rich breakfast and diet are more likely to resist the temptation of snacking later on. Eating healthily on the go doesn’t have to be tricky; planning ahead is key, especially when it comes to healthy protein-rich snacks — keeping energy levels up and temptation at bay.”

Mark Neville, Founder of The Good Whey Co., the company behind Upbeat, said: ” We know it’s not easy to always eat healthily and we can make excuses for this – some better that others. At Upbeat we believe in making it easier for people to lead a healthier lifestyle and not making it expensive or hard work, especially as life has got much more fast paced! Upbeat is there as a helping hand to help get the nation get back on track, keeping those excuses at bay, with a little bit of extra willpower in a bottle.”

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