Founder, Sky Medical Technology

Bernard Ross founded Sky Medical Technology, a UK MedTech company, in 2007. Sky Medical has created a platform technology to address a range of medical conditions including the prevention of life threatening blood clots, complications related to swelling after orthopaedic and trauma-based surgery, and hard-to-heal chronic wounds healing (leg ulcers). The company’s breakthrough technology is embedded in its wearable medical therapy – the geko™ device. The watch-sized device, worn at the knee, elicits lower limb muscle activation via gentle electrical nerve stimulation, compressing the deep veins of the calf to increase blood flow. Bernard and the team at Sky partner with medical professionals around the world to transform how healthcare is delivered.

Bernard has more than 20 years’ senior experience at private & public board level across multiple industries including pharmaceutical, technology development and FMCG. He led the international development at CMI plc, as well as senior executive roles as Senior Vice President of Cardiovascular at Bioaccelerate Inc. (NASDAQ:BACL), CEO at Inncardio Inc., and CEO of Accura Pharma plc.


22 June 2021