Bio Integrates 2020 Track 2


Positioning for growth is vital to the survival of a business, so are biotech companies asking themselves the right questions when looking to the future? How do they tackle business development, recruitment, location and marketing to ensure they are attractive to investors and their target market?

Welcome and opening remarks

Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

An interview with Steve Bates and Sean Marett

An Interview With Steve Bates
Chief Executive Officer, UK Bioindustry Association
An Interview With Sean Marett
Chief Business & Commercial Officer, BioNTech
Interview conducted by Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

Starting small, dreaming big

How do you build the right team and select the right business model and strategy to position your business for growth?


BARBARA DOMAYNE-HAYMAN | Entrepreneur-in-residence | Francis Crick Institute


JASON MELLAD | Chief Executive Officer | Start Codon
CHRIS TORRANCE | Chief Executive Officer | PhoreMost
KARIN SCHMITT | Chief Business Officer | Mogrify
MAIREADH PEDERSEN | Chief Executive Officer | QuayPharma
TOBY REID | Chief Executive Officer | BioCity Group

Space, the final frontier

With life science space at a premium, where should you locate and grow?


KATH MACKAY | Managing Director | Bruntwood SciTech – Alderley Park


SALLY ANN FORSYTH | Chief Executive Officer | Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst
GLENN CROCKER | Head of Life Sciences & Chairman | JLL & BioCity Group
MAYER SCHREIBER | Chief Executive Officer | Discovery Park
DEREK JONES | Chief Executive Officer | Babraham Research Campus
DOUG CUFF | Vice President of U.K. Real Estate | IQHQ

State of the nation, or should that be, what state is the nation in?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the UK business landscape, but has it been a blessing or a curse? Will the UK life sciences sector be in a stronger position to weather future upheaval due to Brexit, having adapted to a post-pandemic world?


RICHARD HEBDON | Head of Health & Medicine, Ageing Society, Health & Nutrition Sector | Innovate UK


EDDY LITTLER | Chief Operating Officer | ReViral
BEVERLEY CARR | Chief Business Officer | Achilles
JASON LACOMBE | Chief Executive Officer | Veratrak
NOOR SHAKER | Chief Executive Officer | GlamorousAI
OLIVIA CHAMPION | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | BioSystems Technology
TOM MANDER | Chief Operating Officer | Domainex

Let me tell you a story….

From engaging investors to selling your services, how do you make your messaging memorable?


EMMA BANKS | Managing Director | ramarketing


CLAIRE THOMPSON | Chief Executive Officer | Agility Life Sciences
NICK JOHNSON | Chief Strategy Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
KARL KEEGAN | Chief Executive Officer and Non-Executive Director | Hox Therapeutics Ltd, Nuformix Plc and Novai Ltd.
SAMUEL NEILL | Business Development Manager | CPI
CAMPBELL BUNCE | Chief Scientific Officer | Abzena