Bio Integrates 2020 Track 3


From accessing capital to selecting the right CDMO and planning your exit strategy, how do you build strategies for success? Can building in diversity derisk your programmes, platforms and products?

Welcome and opening remarks

Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

An interview with Steve Bates and Sean Marett

An Interview With Steve Bates
Chief Executive Officer, UK Bioindustry Association
An Interview With Sean Marett
Chief Business & Commercial Officer, BioNTech
Interview conducted by Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

From fee for service to funding science

Multiple service providers have now launched their own venture funds or drug discovery arms. Are CDMOs/CROs the new Pharma?


MAUREEN COLEMAN | Chair | CN BioInnovations


THOMAS OGORKA | Chief Executive Officer | Orphan Reach
JENNY LAIRD | Vice President, Search & Evaluation Pain & Neurodegeneration | Eli Lilly and Company
CHRISTOPHE MULLER | Global Head Business Development | Evotec
DECLAN JONES | Vice President and Head of External Innovation (EI) and Scientific Licensing | Ferring Research Institute
RICHARD WEAVER | Founder and Managing Director | XenoGesis
CHARLES STEWARD | Patient Advocacy and Engagement Lead | Congenica

Staying private or going public? Which is best…. the view from the top?

Access to capital and liquidity are important factors for C suite and investors alike. However going public comes with a different set of pressures – regulatory, communication demands etc.

This session will address both private and public CEOs to ask what lessons have been learned and if they would do it all again.


PRIYA MANDE | Chief Operating Officer | PsiOxus Therapeutics


CLIVE DIX | Chief Executive Officer | C4X Discovery
STEVE HARRIS | Chairman | Synchrony Pharma
THEODORA HAROLD | Chief Executive Officer | Crescendo Biologics
JOHN DAWSON | Chief Executive Officer | Oxford Biomedica
ALLAN MARCHINGTON | Managing Partner & Senior Advisor | Bridge Valley Ventures & Apposite Capital

Diversity driving decisions

From founding to funding and flourishing, how do we ensure our businesses reflect our demographic?


TONY JONES | Chief Executive Officer | One Nucleus


RICHARD BUTT | Chief Executive Officer | Apollo Therapeutics
JOANNA GOULD | Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder | VisusNano
ELISABETH GOODMAN | Owner and Principal Consultant | RiverRhee Consulting

Advanced Therapies

How do we make them economically feasible and scalable?


IAN CAMPBELL | Interim Executive Chair | Innovate UK


KEITH THOMPSON | Chair, Pharma Advisory Board | Deep Science Ventures
TIM LUKER | Vice President Emerging Technology and Innovation | Eli Lilly
JAN THIRKETTLE | Chief Development Officer | Freeline
LUCY FOLEY | Director of Biologics | CPI
JONAS MOLLER | Chief Executive Officer | Albumedix
MICHAEL HUNT | Chief Financial Officer | ReNeuron Group plc

Choosing your contract services partner – What does good look like?

The answer is ”it depends.” What is your ultimate business objective? Are you looking to take an entity from Candidate Selection all the way to the Market, or are you looking to add value and find a licensing partner?


JO CRAIG | Senior Vice President CMC | KaNDy Therapeutics & NeRRe Therapeutics


STEPHEN TOOKER | Vice President, Commercial Packaging – Europe | PCI Pharma Services
HELEN BARKER | Head of Pharmaceutical Development | Reneo Pharma
JASON CAMERON | Senior Vice President, Global Technical Operations |  Amicus Therapeutics
ROGER KILBURN | Chief Executive Officer | Arcinova
KRISHNA KANUMURI | Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer | Sai Life Sciences