Bio Integrates 2021 Track 1


Finding the right investors, partners and vendors is key to accelerating your products. How do you make the best connections?

Welcome and opening remarks

Andy Richards

A fireside chat with Ian McCubbin

Interview conducted by Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

A fireside chat with Eliot Forster

Interview conducted by Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

Collaboration for the nation

Coronavirus vaccines have demonstrated just how key collaborations are. Should we be doing more, and what makes them effective?


JAMES FRY | Partner and Head of Life Sciences | Mills & Reeve


MATTHEW DURDY | Chief Executive Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
JENNY LAIRD | Vice President, Search & Evaluation Pain & Neurodegeneration | Eli Lilly
MATTHEW DUCHARS | Chief Executive Officer | VMIC UK
ROISIN NICAMHLAOIBH | Head of Partnerships and Business Development | Rosalind Franklin Institute

The Global Biopharma Resilience Index

Cytiva’s Global Biopharma Resilience Index – based on a survey of more than 1,000 senior biopharma executives – takes a holistic look at the industry across five key pillars at a time when its health is vital. Fresh data shows there is work to be done to secure its future.

Emmanuel will speak about the challenges in the industry and what we can do to meet them.

EMMANUEL LIGNER | President and Chief Executive Officer | Cytiva


Assuring Patient Access in a COVID World

What requirements do Biotech companies need to consider during clinical development to ensure that patients will gain access to their innovative therapies? How must Biotech companies adapt in order to be successful in an increasingly cost-conscious world?


MEL WALKER | Managing Director | BioPharma Futures


DOUG DANISON | Head of Europe | Bluebird Bio
CAROLE LONGSON | Independent Senior Adviser, Life Science Policy, HTA and Market Access | Vice Chair | Medicines Discovery Catapult
TIM HAINES | Chairman and Managing Partner | Abingworth LLP
WILLS HUGHES-WILSON | Chief Patient Access & Commercial Planning | Mereo Biopharma

Planting the seed

What does it take to raise seed funding, and what do you need to demonstrate for angels/investors to part with their money?


JONATHAN APPLEBY | Chief Scientific Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult)


AJAY MISTRY | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | OPPILOTECH
JAMES ZHANG | Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Phoenix DX
CLARE TERLOUW | Head of Ventures | LifeArc
GRAHAM BOND | Managing Partner | RSM
NATALIA NOVAC  | Senior Director, Emerging Technology & Innovation, Corporate Business Development | Eli Lilly
HANNAH WADE  | Head of Investor Partnerships | CPI

Growing pains

How, where, when and if to grow are decisions critical to the success of all biotech focused companies – spanning products to services. How do you plan, implement and adapt your growth strategy?

  • Value creation through growth is an imperative for all companies. What strategies work best in the biotech world?
  • Strategies invariably evolve over time. We will hear from companies that have pivoted from service to product – and vice versa. Is this by design or by necessity?
  • Self-proclaimed serial entrepreneurs are abundant. Where are the serial scalers? Do they exist? Are they hidden? Are they tied up in longer-term projects?
  • What tools and techniques exist to support the development of growth strategies? What works? Are they transferable?


KEVIN COX | Chair | Biorelate


MARTIN IMMANUEL BITTNER | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Arctoris
SUZANNE DILLY | Chief Executive Officer | ValiRx
DAVID PORTER | Founding Partner | Apposite Capital
SHADI FARHANGRAZI | Chief Executive Officer | S. M. Discovery Group
TOM MANDER | Chief Operating Officer | Domainex
KARIN SCHMITT | Chief Business Officer | Mogrify

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it

With so many CDMOs providing the same services, how do they differentiate their offering? And how do biotechs chose the right one to work with?


RICHARD WILLIAMS | SVP CMC & Development | Crescendo Biologics


PETER LYFORD | Business Development Director | Porton Pharma Solutions
VICKY STEADMAN | Senior Director, Business Development | Sai Life Sciences
NATHALIE HUTHER | Senior Director of Business Development, Europe | Arcinova, a Quotient Sciences business
STEPHEN TOOKER | Vice President, Commercial Packaging – Europe | PCI Pharma Services
RICHARD WEAVER | Senior Vice President – Pre-clinical Development | Sygnature Discovery
HELEN BARKER | Head of Pharmaceutical Development | Reneo Pharma

Start with an end in mind

Should our products be patient-focused from the start, or should we be more mindful of milestones at the outset?


JESÚS ZURDO | Global Head Cell, Gene Therapy & Bioproduction | Horizon Discovery


PAT FURLONG | Founding President & Chief Executive Officer | Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy
MIKE FRODSHAM | Chief Technical Officer | QuayPharma
ALEX HAMILTON | Partner | Syncona Investment Management
STEVE McCONCHIE| Chief Executive Officer | Aptus Clinical
TIM LUKER | Vice President Emerging Technology and Innovation| Eli Lilly
CHRISTIAN JONES | Chief Commercial Officer | Nanoform