Bio Integrates 2021 Track 3


What does the future hold for life science investment and infrastructure?

Welcome and opening remarks

Andy Richards

A fireside chat with Ian McCubbin

Interview conducted by Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

A fireside chat with Eliot Forster

Interview conducted by Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

If you build it, they will come.

The UK Government has launched a £20M fund to grow medicines manufacturing. Is this enough to secure supplies and to attract inward investment?


IAN CAMPBELL | Chief Business Officer | LifeArc


MAIREADH PEDERSEN | Chief Executive Officer | QuayPharma
JASON FOSTER | Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director | Ori Biotech
NEIL JONES | Chief Business Officer | Vaccines Manufacturing & Innovation Centre
LUCY FOLEY | Director of Biologics| CPI
IAN MCKAY | Innovation Lead for Advanced Therapies | InnovateUK

The Global Biopharma Resilience Index

Cytiva’s Global Biopharma Resilience Index – based on a survey of more than 1,000 senior biopharma executives – takes a holistic look at the industry across five key pillars at a time when its health is vital. Fresh data shows there is work to be done to secure its future.

Emmanuel will speak about the challenges in the industry and what we can do to meet them.

EMMANUEL LIGNER | President and Chief Executive Officer | Cytiva

Recruit, reward, retain

Will Brexit limit the UK’s ability to recruit and retain talent? What areas of life science should we focus on for training and upskilling?


ELEANOR DAVIES | Managing Partner | The RSA Group


HENRI LOUW | HR Director | AbbVie
JEROEN VERHEYEN | Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Semarion
NEIL TORBETT | Chief Operating Officer | PhoreMost

Playing catch up

With attention and funding diverting to vaccines in 2020, other disease areas like oncology have been left behind. How can we ensure they catch up?


EMMA PALMER FOSTER | Strategic Communications Consultant | The Oxford Science Park


EUAN CAMERON | Chief Executive Officer & Founder | COHESION Medical
FRAN CRAWFORD | Chief Executive Officer | Somaserve
GREG BROOKE | Senior Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Biology | University of Essex
ANDREW FADDEN | Vice President and Head of Corporate Development | Enara Bio

Playing it cool

Vaccine supply has demonstrated the importance of cold chain and agile supply chains. Do we have the infrastructure to supply, and ensure security? How can we build a robust supply chain to ensure medicines delivery doesn’t become rate-limiting?


JOHN VANDORE | Business Development | Harwell Campus


JOHN COLEMAN | Head of Quality and Business Development | Your Special Delivery Service
SONIA HOUGHTON | Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder | Cryoniss
TOBY PETERS | Professor of Cold Economy | University of Birmingham

Mind the gap

With increased public funding in coronavirus detection and vaccines, and restrictions on funding from the EU, will there be a major gap in life science funding?


RICHARD HEBDON | Interim Deputy Director – Health & Life Sciences | Innovate UK


CLAIRE BROWN | Investment Director | BioCity
PHIL L’HUILLIER | Head of Business Development, Europe | MSD European Innovation Hub
REBECCA TODD | Investment Director | Longwall Venture Partners
JOE DE SOUSA | Senior Leader, Non-Exec Director and Independent Consultant | Melhor Consulting
DEBORA LUCARELLI | Chief Executive Officer | Enhanc3D Genomics