Bio Integrates 2023 Track 3


If only we all had a crystal ball…

Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat

Camilla Easter | Chief Executive Officer | Oxford Medical Products

Vineeta Tripathi | Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer | Vitarka Therapeutics

Lydia Mapstone | Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder | BoobyBiome

Interviewed by

Martino Picardo | Chairman | Discovery Park

Location, location, location

How much impact does this have on your success? How to choose the right site for your business.


Mayer Schreiber | Chief Executive Officer | Discovery Park


Toby Reid | Executive Director | We are Pioneer Group

Sally Ann Forsyth OBE | Chief Executive Officer | Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

Rich Ferrie | Chief Executive Officer | London BioInnovation Centre Ltd

Nuno Alves | Associate Director, Innovation Management | Astellas Europe

Charles Walford | Director | Stanhope

​To AI or not to AI? That’s the question…

Is AI helpful to all biotechs? When to apply it, how to apply it, do you know what it is?


Kevin Cox | Chair | Biorelate


Justin Bryans | Chief Scientific Officer (Early Discovery) | Charles River Laboratories

Mark Hughes | Vice President of Sales & Marketing | Biorelate

Daniel Veres | Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder | Turbine

Dean Plumbley | CTO and Head of AI | CoSyne Therapeutics

Joseph Day | Business Development (Data/AI) | Cancer Research Horizons

Get it right first time

How to decide the right [partnering] strategy to overcome the challenges of getting a first-in-class / new therapeutic modality to the market first time.


Tauhid Ali | Co-Founder and Board Director | Oak Hill Bio


Neil Jones | Chief Commercial Officer | Aenova Group

Helen Barker | Vice President, Global Tech Ops & CMC | Reneo Pharmaceuticals

Joachim Luithle | Co-Founder | BioLink Intelligence

Justin Bryans | Chief Scientific Officer (Early Discovery) | Charles River Laboratories

Fishing in a bigger pond – how to reel in the money

As tech and other investors, including general/retail, look to biotech and the Life Sciences, how does biotech compete with other LS sectors – and how do you keep these investors happy?


Nathan Sigworth | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer | CCX


Bradley Hardiman | Head of UK/EU Search & Evaluation, | Astellas Pharmaceuticals

Irene Graham OBE | Founding CEO and Board Director | ScaleUp Institute

Suzanne Dilly | Chief Executive Officer | ValiRx PLC

Uzma Choudry | Venture Capital Investor | Octopus Ventures

Alex Brown | Sr. Investment Associate | 24Haymarket

Emerging technologies for improving drug and vaccine development for infectious disease

How quickly is the discovery landscape shifting towards new modalities and what challenges do these present for the clinical trials and regulatory systems?
Has the way we handled COVID therapeutics generated long term change in the discovery, development and regulatory systems?


Janet Hemingway CBE | Professor of Tropical | Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


Juliana Haggerty | Head of Centre of Excellence – Lipid Nanoparticles | CPI

Clare Bryant | Professor | The University of Cambridge

Joshua Blight | Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder | Baseimmune

Philip Cruz | Country Medical Director, UK | Moderna