Chief Scientific Officer, Abzena

Campbell is the Chief Scientific Officer at Abzena, a global Partner Research organisation supporting development of drugs and vaccines from discovery to GMP manufacture. His focus is in delivering high quality and tailored services to ensure a quick and de-risked route from drug concept to clinical testing. Campbell has been with Abzena for 5 years through the company’s expansion into the US and acquisition in 2018 by the technology and healthcare focussed Private Equity firm Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe.

Prior to joining Abzena, Campbell spent 20 years working in the biotech sector for companies such as Cantab Pharmaceuticals, Piramed Pharma and immune Targeting Systems. He has led the development of many novel vaccine and therapeutic technologies targeting infectious disease, cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune disease, taking them through value inflexion points in support of investment and partnering outcomes.

Campbell has a PhD in Immunology from the University of Manchester and has published numerous papers on immune mechanisms and novel drug development. He is currently studying for an Executive MBA at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.


16 November 2020