Chief Executive Officer, Sensium Healthcare

Chad has spent 25 years in the Med Tech industry, starting first as a graduate at Olympus and then various commercial leadership roles at organisations such as Bard (BD) and Acelity (3M).

His first CEO role was at start-up INOTEC AMD, a Cambridge-based company with the primary product being Natrox, a mobile medical device that uses oxygen to treat wounds and other health conditions.

Chad has been at Sensium since March 2018, where he is responsible for the commercialisation and development of the Sensium wireless monitoring solution. Innovation in technology such as Sensium, that will help clinicians and administrators manage patients and resources more effectively through the early detection of patient deterioration, will be key during and post the Covid-19 era. Technology will help patients to be treated more quickly, improve quality of life, while reducing capacity burden on the health economies.


15 October 2020