Founder, Little Journey

Dr Evans is the founder of Little Journey- a London based health technology SME with a research and clinical origin. Little Journey creates customisable patient facing applications to improve patient experience and engagement with healthcare. Their flagship solution, the Little Journey app, helps psychologically prepare and support children and their family undergoing ambulatory surgery through engaging and interactive age-tailored content. Little Journey has been rapidly adopted across the NHS with proven cost benefit evidenced by an independent health economic analysis commissioned by Eastern Academic Health Science Network. Moving forward, Little Journey are rapidly expanding to prepare patients for any healthcare procedure, support families through clinical trials and use data to improve patient health outcomes.

Dr Evans is an anaesthetic trainee and NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow with a passion for evidence-based innovation through co-design. He is completing a PhD at University College London assessing the impact of design, innovation and technology on children’s anxiety before surgery. As part of this, he is performing a NIHR portfolio adopted and Research for Patient Benefit funded, multi-centre randomised controlled trial at ten hospitals across the UK. Little Journey was founded based on Dr Evans clinical and academic insights in behaviour modification and anxiety management.


15 October 2020