COHESION specialises in AI-driven Digital Health solutions, radically transforming patient care and offering a means to improve clinical outcomes and long-term monitoring across complex diseases.

An award-winning global digital health system, COHESION.OS provides a seamless person-centred record of lifelong health journeys within a Connected Health System (CHS). Our innovative Citizen Digital Health Wallet captures real-world, human-level data including Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). The system connects across care services to provide more efficient value-driven healthcare to providers and payers while generating deeper research insights into complex disease understanding to accelerate medicines discovery and deliver long-term market monitoring compliance for pharma.
COHESION.OS is underpinned by computational intelligence principles, data models and dynamic architectures underlying Complex Systems Theory to deliver innovations in Mobile/Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Ethical Blockchains.
Using COHESION.OS, health becomes more proactive and predictive with citizens more empowered, health services more efficient, and life sciences more innovative.

COHESION® has won several innovation and entrepreneurship awards including: “Top UK Digital Health Innovator 2020” for the Global Business Innovation Programme (UK Government), Biomedical Catalyst for Cancer Early Detection And Risk CEDAR® System (Innovate UK 2018), Precision Medicines Technologies for Precision Medicine Platform for Inflammatory Diseases (Innovate UK 2019) and Innovation Awards for Dermatology, IBD and Emergency Care (SBRI 2017).


16 November 2020