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Genomics are a set of pivotal methodologies in the life science sector, involving the acquisition, management and curation of complex biological data, tools and methods for analysis of large and heterogeneous data sets and presenting results in easy to interpret outputs.

For organisations undertaking this work, various challenges restrict them in achieving success.

The bioinformatics industry is continuing to grow but major challenges include finding skilled personnel with bioinformatics knowledge and also the ability to rapidly extract information from biological data.

Biomatics offer experienced and flexible resources to support the delivery of these projects or pieces of work.

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Academic Research Services

Biomatics are dedicated to helping research professionals and academics succeed. We can undertake on-demand analytical projects across a range of disciplines and collaborate on research applications across their full life cycle – from advice and assistance with applications, to including our team as researchers on projects, and assisting in manuscript and report preparation. We offer specialist skills to meet the needs within a research project, with high quality, efficient service, reducing time taken for delivery of research.


Our service includes:

  • Study design from an analytical perspective
  • On-demand analytical projects across a range of disciplines
  • Collaborative research across the full project life cycle
  • Analysis to support research
  • Supplemental research that is outside the scope of a core project, subject to discussion

Consultancy Services and Genomics Delivery as a Service

This is a flexible and cost-effective way for life science organisations to access a range of specialist project and scientific resources which are needed to respond to changing project delivery demands quickly.

With data security a priority throughout each aspect of the data life cycle, our services include:


  • Database design
  • Data handling
  • Data analysis
  • Pipeline development/rework
  • Running task analysis
  • Graphics and visualisations
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We can provide any combination of our team in delivering your projects or pieces of work. Our resources include the following capabilities:


  • Bioinformaticians
  • Data Scientists
  • Cloud Architects
  • Data Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Enterprise Architects
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Why use Biomatics?

Biomatics is a service delivery consultancy dedicated to the life science sector. We enable life science organisations to undertake complex and challenging mission-critical projects and business change programmes.

Our experience allows us to offer a variety of specialist services all from one dedicated team and we can provide flexible support for individual areas of your work, or as a full end-to-end service. Our team have a unique set of skills and extensive experience in bioinformatics, across both academic and commercial environments, including:

  • Data processing pipelines
  • Secure data handling architectures
  • Core bioinformatics pipeline development
  • Algorithms for securely storing and distributing large volumes of access-controlled data
  • Curating scripts to automate the protocol
  • Generating SOPs and troubleshooting
  • NGS analysis (including WGS, WES, miRNA, GBS, Metagenome)

Biomatics are proud to have helped many leading Bioscience organisations design, develop, and implement new operations from scratch while working closely with scientific expertise to ensure successful delivery for the organisation and its clients. Some of our previous clients include:

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