Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Remedium Capital

David is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Remedium Capital, a London based group working with Payors and Pharmaceutical Companies to help accelerate access for innovative medicines.
Prior to his current activities, David served as a Healthcare Corporate Financier, initially with Kleinwort Benson and subsequently with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette / CSFB (Europe), advising a broad range of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and including some of the early listings of UK biotechnology companies. More recently, he led two strategic initiatives in the field of alternative R&D financing; in collaboration with Covance, Inc., as an early thought leader in the use of bond financing to fund late stage drug development, and ICON plc, as a fully integrated externalised drug development partner.
Remedium was inspired by the simple desire to bring greater hope to the most vulnerable of patients by facilitating the speed with which they gain access to the most innovative of medicines.
An increasing number of innovative medicines are being approved based on clinical data which does not demonstrate their full potential for patient benefit. In these circumstances, Payors adopt a cautious approach to pricing based on the patient benefit demonstrated in clinical trials and Pharmaceutical Companies seek to optimise pricing based on the patient benefit they expect to be demonstrated in a real-world setting. Through its proprietary approach, ‘Structured reimbursement’, Remedium helps Payors and Pharmaceutical Companies bridge this gap in expectations thereby accelerating access.
Structured Reimbursement represents a win-win-win for Patients, Payors and Pharmaceutical Companies; accelerating Patient access to innovative medicines, without Payor risk of over-reimbursement and (crucially) with significant Pharmaceutical Company cash flow and product Net Present Value benefits.
Remedium is in dialogue with Payors across multiple jurisdictions and is working with a broad spectrum of Pharmaceutical Companies based in the United States of America and Europe.


17 November 2020