Founding Partner, Apposite Capital

David Porter has over 30 years’ experience in private equity and investment and is the Founding Partner of Apposite Capital LLP, a private equity firm exclusively focused on healthcare. He is a leading figure in UK healthcare investing. Prior to founding Apposite in 2006, David worked on a number of large leveraged buy-outs with Nomura’s Principal Finance Group. He then founded and headed Nomura International’s healthcare investment and corporate finance groups. He also held key senior positions, including CEO of the CLF Municipal Bank (now part of Dexia), and CIO of a diversified financial services group.

David is very involved in the UK healthcare industry policy and has extensive involvement in the Healthcare industry, having served on a number of health commission boards (e.g. the London Health Commission, the Health Reform reference group for the UK Department of Health).

For further information about Apposite Capital, please visit www.appositecapital.com


20 May 2021