Digital Health – Let’s get connected

Covid-19 has meant rapid adoption of digital health across the system. As health and care become digital by default, what should pharma do next? Should they think internally, utilising digital health to improve their own processes; tactically, with digital health offerings for their own brands; or as a strategic partner, supporting health economies to be more sustainable, efficient and resilient? Join us as we discuss the changing landscape?


HASSAN CHAUDHURY | Digital Health Lead | Department for International Trade


RACHEL MURPHY | Chief Executive Officer | Difrent
MATTHEW CLEMENTE | Vice President, Device Development, Device R&D | Novo Nordisk
STEFAN SUTER | Head Europe | Holmusk
ANTHONY DAY | Blockchain Partner, Global Business Services | IBM
HAKIM YADI | Co-Founder and Chief Executive | Closed Loop Medicine
KONRAD DOBSCHUETZ | Head of Customer Solutions, (Digital) Health Innovation and BIOME Lead UK | Novartis