The Increasing Importance of Dietary Supplements in a Post-Covid World

Hockey stick sales growth of dietary supplements in early 2020, with an increase in the USA in sales of $435million in a six-week period[1], has cast a spotlight on the sector. In this session, chaired by NSF’s Casey Coy, we ask:

  • Is the unprecedented growth in dietary supplements here to stay?
  • What can companies do to stand apart from competitors in such a crowded marketplace?
  • What does the industry need to do collectively to ensure build confidence in products?
  • Casey will be joined by industry leaders Lisa Thomas from from Herbalife, Garden of Life, ClearCut Analytics, the Global Prebiotic Association and Informa Markets  to discuss these issues, and more.



CASEY COY |  Sr. Manager, Training & Consulting, Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics/Personal Care | NSF


JEFFREY BRAMS | General Counsel, & VP R&D and Regulatory |  Garden of Life
LISA THOMAS | Sr. Director Product Marketing & Innovation | Herbalife Nutrition
DANIEL HARARI | VP of Business Development | ClearCut Analytics
LEN MONHEIT| Executive Director | Global Prebiotic Association
SHELLEY SAPSIN | Director | MarketReady Insights Health & Nutrition | Informa Markets