Partnership for innovation: how medicines will be made in future

We aspire to bring together the incredible talents of the pharma tech industry to bring forward the next generation of therapeutics – delivered in a cheaper and greener way.

It is now apparent that true collaboration holds the key to realising this aspiration. Science-led innovation on both sides of the fence is required to ensure access to the best experience, expertise and infrastructure wherever it resides. The ‘them and us’ outsourcing model of the past is being replaced, wherein innovation partnerships are being leveraged to produce much more efficient and effective drug discovery, development and supply.

Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation? New modalities? Big data? Shared risk and reward? Let’s properly re-imagine the future alliances essential to get new medicines to all those that need them across the globe.


RICHARD WEAVER | Founder and Managing Director and Senior Vice President – Pre-clinical Development | XenoGesis and Sygnature Discovery


DAVID HARRISON | Senior Director External Manufacturing & Alliances | UCB
ROSS BURN | Chief Executive Officer | CatSci and CDD
ROB HARRIS | Director | Beyond Quality
KATIE MURRAY | Technology Director Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI
DETLEF BEHRENS | Managing Director | Bay Pharma
ERIC DE VOS | VP of Global Innovation & Director of R&D Europe | Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services