Patenting in a pandemic: How can you make your IP future-proof and flexible?

The world of healthcare has changed enormously in the last 12 months. Many companies aren’t letting a crisis go to waste – they are repurposing drugs to treat Covid-19 and rushing to protect potential IP. Others haven’t been so fortunate – lockdown has prevented them from generating the data needed to secure patents.

Building flexibility into your patent portfolio is more important now than ever. Through case studies, we will discuss:

  • Options for securing effective IP on repurposed drugs.
  • Tips for speeding up and slowing down prosecution.
  • Powers that Governments have to use patented drugs and the enforcement of IP rights for Covid vaccines and treatments.
  • Securing IP for Covid-related inventions: the balance between patenting for profit and philanthropy.


AMANDA SIMONS | Partner, Patent Attorney | J A Kemp LLP
GRAHAM LEWIS | Partner, Patent Attorney | J A Kemp LLP