Active Collaboration with Your Excipient Supplier Could Optimise Formulation Development

It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole pharmaceutical ecosystem to launch a new drug

Often erroneously considered to be inactive ingredients, excipients play a vital role in both drug development and delivery. By taking an end-to-end approach to formulation optimisation and liaising with excipient suppliers throughout the entire process chain, innovator companies can expedite time-to-market and produce more effective pharmaceuticals. Topics such as regulation, safety, single-source supplies of special grades and sustainability will be discussed.


BRIAN HENRY | Vice President, Global Head of Drug Product Design | Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development


BRUNO HANCOCK | Global Head of Materials Science | Pfizer
PROFESSOR DAVID JONES | Pro-Vice-Chancellor, School of Pharmacy | Queen’s University Belfast
PROFESSOR JEAN-JACQUES ZAMBROWSKI | Health Policies & Health Economics
ALI RAJABI-SIAHBOOMI | Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer | Colorcon
LIZ MEEHAN | Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Technology & Development | AstraZeneca