Nanoformers, Particles in Disguise! – Illuminating the future of Pharma with STARMAP®

​Our STARMAP® 2.0 platform leverages cutting-edge sparse-data AI to pick winners among candidate molecules that are predicted to be best amenable to CESS®-powered nanoforming and that exhibit optimal production characteristics.

STARMAP® is a digital version of our CESS® technology that allows us to perform in silico experiments in large quantities and to create predictions of nanoformability. This is important since there are more potential drug molecules than particles in the known universe.

Our game-changing CESS® technology lies at the heart of our operations and offers a unique opportunity to both bring failed assets back to life again and accelerate APIs to the clinic. The STARMAP® platform can have wide applicability in drug discovery and development as well as in lifecycle management for existing marketed drugs and 505b2 like product development strategies.

DR ELISABETTA MICELOTTA | Science & Technology Team Leader | Nanoform