Turning Data Oil into Insights Gold?

Unlocking Future Science Through Real World Data Integration, Modelling & Analytics

  1. The data challenge to Pharma and R&D intensive industries
  2. How Industry 4.0 was supposed to enable our data dreams
  3. The reality of this in 2020 
  4. How CPI are addressing this challenge
  5. How B&H have helped them and supported unlocking – very brief examples of selected POC projects.
    A) Running Agile Projects for Data,
    B) Making Real World Inroads,
    C) Developing Scorecards to focus efforts.
  6. Practical takeaway steps for the audience – 2 or 3 things the audience can take away to quickly check their organisational reality vs dream 


DAVID PARKINSON | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer |  Brave & Heart
ALFREDO RAMOS | Managing Director | Engagement and Ventures | CPI