Unravelling the thread: A whole new way to find and use deviation management information hidden in unstructured data

Unravelling threads and finding patterns in data to understand quality deviations is a key fundamental in manufacturing productivity. Yet here’s a surprising fact: only 3% of the data associated with quality deviations is held in structured databases. That means 97% is hidden in your organisation’s unstructured data and can’t be found. Finding the information and linking the reasons for deviations is hard because there’s no way to discover what’s in unstructured data at scale and in detail.

Until now! Join Life Sciences technology veteran, John Harris, at this session to hear about how exciting tech startup Exonar is solving the problem of discovering and revealing what’s in an organisation’s structured and unstructured data estate at petabyte scale to increase data management and manufacturing efficiencies and drive business value.


JOHN HARRIS | Life Sciences Advisor |  Exonar
TOM OWENS | Services Expert | Exonar