Taking stock: Impact on supply chains in a post Covid world

The COVID 19 virus pandemic has rocked the world to its core. There are likely to be many and far-reaching consequences of this on the Pharmaceutical industry. One aspect that will come under scrutiny is in the area of risk management and continuity of Pharmaceutical supply chains. What have we learned that will shape supply chains of the future? What innovations have been accelerated to address the challenges? Will we see radical changes in the factors pharma companies consider when making outsourcing decisions? Will they recalculate the balance between working capital and inventory management? Will large companies consider a slowing or even reversal in the trend to outsource API/DP manufacture, with greater investment in internal assets?


ALEX ROBERTSON | Senior Director, Global Clinical Supply Chain | AstraZeneca


JIM FOX | VP & Site Director, PSC Ware Site | GlaxoSmithKline
PETER LYFORD | Business Development Director | Porton Pharma Solutions
MARC CREUS | Head of Business Development | Juvabis Therapeutics
SEAMUS RYAN | Head of Supply Chain and Project Management | SK Biotek Ireland