Pharma Sustainability Integrates 2024

Focused on pharma leaders and policy makers

COP26 has brought into sharp focus the need to minimise our impact on the planet. This event will bring policymakers together with pharmaceutical companies, industry bodies and academia to discuss the implications of COP26 for the industry. Throughout the day we will showcase what companies are doing in the here and now to minimise the impact that products and processes have on the environment, and discuss what challenges still remain, demonstrating how industry and Government must work collaboratively together to ensure the legacy of COP26 for our industry and the planet.

This half-day conference (11:00 – 14:30 GMT), will explore the key themes of:

Policy: How we can learn from COP26 with input from Governments, ABPI, pharmaceutical companies and academia

Industry Ambition: How the pharmaceutical industry can respond to the environmental challenges, with input from leading pharmaceutical organisations followed by a panel Q&A

Carbon Footprint Showcases: Hear short presentations on advanced technologies that reduce environmental impacts, including sustainable healthcare, supply chain efficiencies, continuous manufacturing and sustainable manufacturing processes for oligonucleotides

Renewable Technologies in Action: Hear how cutting-edge organisations are implementing renewables

Closing statement: The day in conclusion and next steps to be taken

Over 300 attendees live on the day






senior industry executives

Core sectors covered


How are the sustainability policies and expectations of government, investors, and customers shaping the future of pharma.


How can innovative technology help to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, from manufacturing to patient delivery?

Key Speakers for 2022

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28 February 2024, LONDON

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