Founding Director, Forte Medical

Giovanna is co-founder and CEO of Forte Medical, an R&D business that makes disruptive technology to tackle overlooked routine point of care urine collection, a process which currently averages upwards of 20% unreliability rates due to lack of protocol and failure of guidelines to reach the patient. Peezy Midstream was invented by her brother, Dr Vincent Forte BA (Cantab), MBBS (Lond), MRCGP, MSc, DA. It. An NHG GP for over 20 years, he questioned the problem of repeat and untreated UTI diagnoses together with the over prescribing of broad-spectrum antibiotics and decided to act.

Peezy Midstream clinical evidence shows as low a 0% contamination in Primary Care settings and a 70% reduction of false-positive dipped urine specimens in antenatal settings leading to safer screening, more prompt diagnoses, reduced antibiotic prescribing. With up to 66% saving on lab spend proven in GP surgeries, the NHS Primary Care providers stand to benefit from significant cost and efficiency savings too.

The company is developing new devices to work with novel early stage cancer tests, sports dope testing and more.