Head of Research and Development, WeWALK

Jean Marc Feghali is a visually impaired PhD candidate at Imperial College London developing novel mobility solutions for visually impaired people. He is driven by the life-changing potential of his research and its impact on assistive technology, leveraging his findings as the Head of Research and Development at WeWALK. A TIME best invention, the WeWALK smart cane has improved the mobility of visually impaired people across the globe, proving its limitless engineering and medical potential through backing from Microsoft and the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

Jean Marc regularly advises on visually impaired accessibility and sits on Transport for London’s Independent Disability Advisory Group, as well as conducting mobility research that has been recognised through an Imperial College Medal for Outstanding Achievement, the Walter Redlich Prize for Academic Excellence, and the Royal Institute of Navigation for a major contribution to a more navigable world by a younger person.