Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Semarion

Jeroen is Co-Founder and CEO at Semarion, a spin-out company of Cambridge University that has created a microcarrier platform to automate, miniaturize, and multiplex adherent cell assays to accelerate drug discovery. As a scientific founder, he has spent the last 5 years integrating microchip technologies, physics, and material science with cell biology to develop the core technology behind Semarion. Currently, Jeroen manages the commercial development and operational scaling of the company.

Prior, he co-founded the social enterprise Majicom where he led the commercialization of off-grid water purification kiosks for East Africa. As a Principal at a boutique life science consulting firm, Cambridge Innovation Consulting, he worked with biopharma clients around innovation strategy, for example, around a gene-editing roadmap for Biogen. He was also President of the Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club where he supported early-stage deep-tech ventures.

Jeroen holds an MSc in Biomedical Sciences (KU Leuven) and MSc in Nanotechnology Engineering (TU Dresden). His PhD research at Cambridge University was around stem cell treatment and siRNA delivery systems to modulate neuroinflammation. His post-doctoral work was on novel immune-assay technologies for point-of-care cancer diagnostics.


20 May 2021