Senior Vice President of Research, Cambridge Epigenetix

Joanna holds a BSc (hons) in Genetics from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and a PhD in molecular cell biology from UCL. She started her career in the UK bioinformatics department of GSK R&D, processing integrating ‘omic data for drug target identification and validation, moving on to GSK USA Oncology R&D where she worked on biomarkers for targeted therapies. After GSK Joanna built an academic group in A*STAR Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences that focused on epigenomic trackers of complex disease. She took up a professorship at the University of Southampton, working on epigenomics and integration of electronic health record data to clinical cohorts; was VP of Translational Medicine at BenevolentAI; and is currently working as SVP of Research at Cambridge Epigenetix, working to make epigenetics-based diagnostics a clinical reality.


15 October 2020