Vice President, Global External Sourcing, Astrazeneca

Juliette White is VP for Global External Sourcing, based in UK, and has 30 years service with AZ.
Juliette graduated with a degree in Psychology and during her time with the Company has held a wide number of HR roles both in UK and US, including a period of time in a Supply Chain role within Operations.  
Juliette returned to HR in 2008 where she headed up the Global HR service centres, before joining Operations in 2010 as HRVP.

Since 2014 Juliette has been VP of Global External Sourcing accountable for all AZ externally sourced commercial supply chains working with over 200 CMOs and covering all AZ brands.

Juliette has been leading the AZ Supply Chain response to Brexit preparations and for the last 5 months has been leading the UK Crisis team in response to Covid 19


17 November 2020