Global Head, Biopharma R&D Digital Patient Health, AstraZeneca R&D

During his 19 years at AstraZeneca, Matt has moved through a number of technical line management and project management roles within the business and is currently the Global Head of R&D Digital Patient Health. Matt’s academic background is as a chemist, obtaining his degree at University of Liverpool before moving into the Pharma industry initially as an analytical scientist characterising product performance before moving into project management and project leadership before founding a digital health innovation group within AZ.

The R&D Digital Patient Health group’s mission is to develop digital health solutions which deliver improved clinical outcomes for patients. The group develops tools for use in all phases of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, delivering its products globally across all therapy areas in which AZ has focus. Having started his career characterising the impact of medication use and misuse on drug delivery Matt is delighted to now be able to deliver tools to patients which robustly improve medication use, collect data directly from patients to support self-management, and improve clinical outcomes.


15 October 2020