MedTech Integrates 2022 Track 1


How can we accelerate early disease diagnosis and enable more effective monitoring?

Welcome and opening remarks

ARUN HARISH | Strategy Director | CPI

NEIL MESHER | Senior Vice President |  Philips, Western Europe

Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat with

ADAM HILL | Chief Executive Officer | Oncimmune

Interviewed by

NEIL MESHER | Senior Vice President | Philips, Western Europe

Make yourself at home

Home diagnostic testing has become routine during the pandemic. How could we build on this to enable more effective disease diagnosis from the comfort of our homes?


PARI DATTA | Senior Innovation Consultant | Cambridge Design Partnership


STEVE LEE | Director of Diagnostics | ABHI
DR SAIF AHMAD | Co-founder | 52 North Health
HAMISH GRIERSON | Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder | Thriva Health
SIMON PARKER | Senior Market Manager – Centralised and Point of Care solutions | Roche Diagnostics Limited

From I to AI – where next?

The WHO recently made tuberculosis the first condition it deemed possible to diagnose from X-rays using software. Will this open up the possibility for AI and data analytics to diagnose more diseases?


STEPHANIE CAIRD | Principal Associate | Mills & Reeve LLP


NICK PAPPAS | Business Development Manager | The Hartree Centre | STFC | UKRI
CHARLOTTE BARTTELOT​ | Investment Manager | MMC Ventures
PAOLO GUERRA | MedTech Lead | ProductLife Group
STEPHEN HODSDON | Partner | J A Kemp
ANTHONY FINBOW | Chief Executive Officer | Eagle Genomics
GRAHAM BALL | Executive Director of the Medical Technologies Research Centre | Anglia Ruskin University

You wear it well

Wearables aren’t just for wellness. Are we making the most out of wearable technology?


STEVEN BAGSHAW | Head of Business Strategy | CPI


AMER FASIHI | Chief Executive Officer | Kraydel
CRAIG TURPIE | Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer| Lenus Health
EUAN CAMERON | Chief Executive Officer & Founder | COHESION Medical
ALEXIS ROBERTS-MCINTOSH | Chief Executive Officer | Nami Surgical

Mind over matter

Early diagnosis of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons disease are critical to treatment and prognosis. How can we accelerate early disease detection?



LOUISE JOPLING | Commercial Director | Eastern Academic Health Science Network


LUCY JUNG | Chief Executive | Charco Neurotech
EUAN CAMERON | Chief Executive Officer & Founder | COHESION Medical
JONATHAN FOX | Public Affairs Manager | Roche Diagnostics UK & Ireland
CAROLINE CAKE | Entrepreneur in Residence | Oxford Science Enterprises

Just a touch

The restrictions of the pandemic has led to a decrease in the opportunities to monitor patients face to face who have wounds following trauma or surgery or those who have wounds (leg ulcers for example) associated with chronic conditions such as poor circulation.


ANDY HILL | Chief Executive Officer | Nu-Vision Biotherapies


THARIEA WHISKER | Director of Wound Services |
ANN JACKLIN | Digital, Data & Information Lead, National Wound Care Strategy Programme | NHS
KEVIN MINIER | NHS Peer Leader and Facilitator in Personalised Care | East of England Citizens’ Senate
CHRISTOPHER DAVIES | Founder | The Hz™ Group