Global External Technology & Collaborations Lead


I completed my PhD and postdoc studies in King’s College London (Pharmacy) before becoming a full time lecturer and separation sciences research group leader in the same department. In  2006 I moved to work for Pfizer, working as a separation science technology lead and then a team leader in API and DP analytical teams (including representing Pharm Sci teams in front of the FDA.  I now work as chair of a global pharm sci external technology and collaborations team responsible for co-ordinating the technology strategy alignment with external ecosystem partners to deliver acceleration for our development timelines. I am also the Pfizer UK co-chair of Diversity & Inclusion.

I have represented Pfizer in EFPIA AQbD working groups since 2007 as well as being a member in the BP Working party on AQbD. In 2015, 2017 and 2019 I was named in the international analytical science power lists and in the 2018 Top 30 Women Leaders in European Healthcare (Pharmaceutical Market Europe).

I am a Visiting Full Professor in Chemistry at the University of Warwick, an RSC Fellow and previous RSC Council member, past-President of the RSC Analytical Division and past chair of  the UK Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund. I was recently named as the Executive Chair of a new Community for Analytical Measurement Science Industry led network in the UK and Ireland (CAMS).