25th August 2021. SignalRx Pharmaceuticals Inc., Crystec Ltd., and ADYA Consulting SAGL are pleased to announce a new collaboration to develop an inhaled dry powder formulation of SF2523 for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer and SARS-CoV-2 related illnesses.

SignalRx SF2523 is a novel, small molecule dual PI3K-BRD4 inhibitor with a synergistic action on two pathways associated with the development of lung cancer and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Combined inhibition of both the PI3K and BRD4 pathways maximizes cellular effects in tumor and fibrosis models, and enables higher dosing with greatly improved tolerability. As such, SF2523 offers potential advantages over other drugs in the market and in development. In addition to its benefits in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and cancer, SF2523 shows great promise as an anti-viral for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19). Recent in-vitro studies demonstrated that SF2523 blocks two orthogonal pathways necessary for SARSCoV-2 pathogenesis in human cells, achieving a reduction in SARS-CoV-2 replication comparable to Remdesivir.

The collaboration will involve Crystec utilizing its advanced mSAS® (modified supercritical antisolvent) supercritical fluid particle engineering platform to achieve precise solid-state control of SF2523 while simultaneously generating stable particles that are optimized for dry powder inhaled delivery. Typically, mSAS® engineered particles achieve significantly higher levels of deep lung deposition than equivalent particles manufactured using conventional technologies.

Inhaled SF2523 will undergo accelerated development with support from ADYA, who have expertise in pharmaceutical pre-clinical and clinical program management, as well as a proven ability to deliver the strategic investment and partnerships required to maximize the potential of SF2523 in its key therapeutic indications.

Commenting on the opportunity, Matt Williams, CEO of SignalRx, said: “We are excited to combine the unique therapeutic potential of SF2523 with the cutting-edge inhaled delivery capabilities of Crystec. With support from ADYA, we hope to bring to the market a genuinely transformative drug for the treatment of lung cancer, fibrosis, as well as COVID-19 infection and its longer-term complications.

SignalRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

SignalRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a clinical-stage company incorporated in Delaware, with operations in Atlanta, Georgia and Tuscon, Arizona. The company is focused on developing effective anticancer treatments inducing the immune system to attack cancer while blocking the most important and critical cell signaling pathways that cancer cells use to proliferate, migrate, metastasize, and recruit a blood supply. The company’s efforts are aimed at combining the maximum anticancer activity into its drugs by selectively inhibiting as many important cancer targets as possible in a well-tolerated non-toxic manner, whilst engaging the immune system machinery to achieve maximum synergistic anticancer effects. SignalRx is actively pursuing other opportunities in complementary therapeutic indications.


About Crystec Ltd.

Crystec is a UK-based crystal and particle engineering company, applying proprietary ‘mSAS®’ (modified Supercritical Anti-Solvent) drug delivery technology to improve the performance of medicines. Crystec’s technology enables drug molecules to be crystallized in new forms and novel particles to be manufactured in ways that can greatly enhance their clinical effect. The mSAS® process is highly efficient, stable, fully scalable and is approved by regulatory authorities. Crystec works with the global pharmaceutical and health care industry to solve drug particle formation, formulation and process challenges. The company is also developing innovative therapies in important areas of unmet clinical need, including women’s health, urology and respiratory disease.


About ADYA Consulting SAGL

ADYA is a Swiss investment boutique in the life sciences sector that provides strategic consultancy, program management and access to capital, offering a unique service to clients looking for investment. Working globally and capturing future technological trends, ADYA are experts in pharmaceutical product development, deal structuring, and capital raising. ADYA specifically targets companies characterized by an innovative and technological fingerprint in life sciences and healthcare.