Chief Executive Officer, Axela Group

I am the chairman of Axela group which was set up to deliver on the vison of changing the way people view healthcare by supporting the care lifecycle and making care assessable to all. I have over 12 years experience in social care having set up my first domiciliary care agency in 2006 which he has grown to be a corner stone of the Axela group.

I have extensive experience leading complex, innovative projects, working with partners and collaborators, and is building Axela’s operational capabilities. I have over 10 years leadership experience working in a tech and health environment having previously had senior involvement with Apple and LinkedIn application developments teams.

Axela Innovations, launched in 2017, designs systems and products for the health and social care sector. The business has a simple focus of improving the current model of healthcare through the innovative use of technology, particularly employing artificial intelligence (AI), to support, develop, & change how health & social care is delivered.


15 October 2020