Independent Ethics Consultant

Nicola Stingelin-Giles, M.B.A., PhD, is an independent research ethics advisor with a focus on innovative research ethics.
Prior to entering academia, she held positions in the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in intellectual property. The change in career direction was achieved after completing a Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Ethics at the Ethics Centre, University of Z├╝rich, followed by her PhD in Medical and Health Ethics at the University of Basel, Medical Faculty.

Dr. Nicola Stingelin has held various research and lecturing posts at the University of Basel and other institutions in different practical ethics fields, specialising in research ethics in medical, public health, business and environmental fields.

Since 2010, Dr Stingelin has been the ethics advisor for a number of international research consortium. She is regularly engaged by the European Commission as Ethics Expert evaluating project submissions, and also works as an Ethics consultant for various international pharmaceutical corporations.