NiTech Solutions is one of the world’s leading authorities on the use of continuous baffled reactor and crystallisation technology. Its revolutionary clean technology is replacing outdated and inefficient stirred tank reactors and changing the way in which chemicals and pharmaceuticals are being developed and manufactured.

NiTech’s DN15 reactors and crystallisers have widespread applications for manufacturers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and drink, life science and allied industries. Benefits include major reductions in capital and operating costs, energy use and waste generation, plus significant improvements in product quality.

The DN15 range is available in three models for laboratory, pilot- or full-scale production. The range also includes high-pressure (HP) models in either stainless steel or alloy. These HP units can be housed in a flame-proof enclosure to allow for use in an ATEX environment.

NiTech Solutions is well placed to provide prospective users with customised advice and support on the technical, economic and environmental opportunities to be accessed through adopting continuous flow equipment.

Partner laboratories in France, Sweden and Singapore can work with companies to support feasibility trials with NiTech equipment on a commercial basis.