Pharma Integrates 2020 Track 3


How are tech giants and pharma companies collaborating to drive innovation in healthcare? What are the large pharma companies really looking for when it comes to new technologies, and at what stage will they pay for them? Is pharma manufacturing making the most of the digital revolution? Will COVID-19 change all of this?

Welcome and opening remarks

TREVOR JONES CBE | Director | Arix Bioscience plc and e-Therapeutics plc
RICHARD TORBETT | Chief Executive Officer | ABPI

Digital Health – Let’s get connected

Covid-19 has meant rapid adoption of digital health across the system. As health and care become digital by default, what should pharma do next? Should they think internally, utilising digital health to improve their own processes; tactically, with digital health offerings for their own brands; or as a strategic partner, supporting health economies to be more sustainable, efficient and resilient? Join us as we discuss the changing landscape?


HASSAN CHAUDHURY | Digital Health Lead | Department for International Trade


RACHEL MURPHY | Chief Executive Officer | Difrent
MATTHEW CLEMENTE | Vice President, Device Development, Device R&D | Novo Nordisk
STEFAN SUTER | Head Europe | Holmusk
ANTHONY DAY | Blockchain Partner, Global Business Services | IBM
HAKIM YADI | Co-Founder and Chief Executive | Closed Loop Medicine
KONRAD DOBSCHUETZ | Head of Customer Solutions, (Digital) Health Innovation and BIOME Lead UK | Novartis

Back to the future

Are we making the most of data and digital technologies for pharma manufacturing?


DAVE TUDOR | Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI


JASON LACOMBE | Chief Executive Officer | Veratrak
ASHLEY HOWARD | EMEA Manager | APG Pharma Solutions | Applied Materials
JON-PAUL SHERLOCK | Global Technology Strategy Director, MS&T | AstraZeneca
ANDY DWYER | Ware Pilot Plant & Global Manufacturing Technology Director | GSK
JOHANNES KHINAST | Head, Institute for Process and Particle Engineering & Scientific Director | Graz University of Technology & Research Centre Pharmaceutical Engineering

Scouting for tech

What are pharma companies looking for when it comes to new technologies; how do they find them, what are they trying to fix and how to go about accessing them


MARK CASSIDY | Vice President of Global Business Strategy | Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services


JOE DE SOUSA | Senior Leader, Non-Exec Director and Independent Consultant | Melhor Consulting
PAUL TUNNAH | Chief Content Officer & Managing Director UK | healthware
MARK BUSWELL | Vice President, Vaccines Tech | GSK
TIM LUKER | Vice President Emerging Technology and Innovation | Eli Lilly
CRAIG GRANT | Global Director, Solid Form & Particle Engineering | Johnson Matthey

Land of the Tech Giants

What is the role of technology in healthcare? How are tech giants and pharma companies collaborating to drive innovation in healthcare? Hear from some of the leaders in Pharma R&D and cutting-edge tech companies on how they see the future of innovation in healthcare.


RICCARDO ZACCONI | Founder | PTEN Research


JOHN TSAI | Head of Global Drug Development, Chief Medical Officer | Novartis
SIR MENELAS (MENE) PANGALOS | Executive Vice President, BioPharmaceuticals R&D | AstraZeneca
FRANCESCO DE RUBERTIS | Co-founder and Partner | Medicxi
MIKE REA | Strategic Innovation Advisor and Chief Executive Officer | Nanoform and IDEA Pharma
JESSICA MEGA | Chief Medical and Scientific Officer | Verily Life Sciences

Seeing is believing: Patient focussed manufacturing

The panel will address:

• Solutions by simulation
• Reconfiguring patient healthcare through digital technology
• Better patient outcomes, lower-cost healthcare, data-driven innovation


JO PISANI | Strategic Advisor, Non-Executive Director and Charity Trustee


ROMA MAGUIRE | Professor of Digital Health and Care | University of Strathclyde
JAGJIT SINGH SRAI | Head, Centre for International Manufacturing, Institute for Manufacturing | University of Cambridge
GEORGE CROOKS | Chief Executive Officer | Digital Health & Care Institute
PATRICK HYETT | Pharma Supply Chain Tech Digital Innovation Lead | GlaxoSmithKline
STEPHEN TINDAL | (Consultant) Director, Science & Technology | Catalent Pharma Solutions

Virtual Drinks Reception

 Sponsored By: Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI