Pharma Integrates 2021 Track 1


How do we ensure our people have the right skills and support to succeed? How do we develop the best partnerships and engage with patients?

Welcome and opening remarks

TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare
Ben Osborn | President ABPI & Managing Director UK | Pfizer

Fireside Chat

An interview with: SIR JOHN BELL | Regius Professor of Medicine at University of Oxford | Chairman of the Office for the Strategic Coordination of Health Research
Interviewed by: TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare

Home & away

Has remote working changed the culture in pharma? What will future working environments and practices look like?


KATH MACKAY | Managing Director | Bruntwood SciTech – Alderley Park


NICOLA MASSEY | Senior Country Manager | Vertex UK & Ireland
ELEANOR DAVIES | Managing Partner | The RSA Group​
JO MASON | R&D Director | Yourgene Health
GLENN CROCKER MBE | Senior Consultant and Executive Director | JLL and We are Pioneer

I’ve got skills, they’re multiplying

With the ambitious UK Life Science Strategy and the Brexit brain drain, how can we ensure we have the skills in place to deliver future products for patients?


JANE KENNEDY | Chief Business Officer | Discovery Park


STEPHEN WARD | Chief Manufacturing Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
ANNE BAILEY | Chief Executive Officer | Form the Future CIC
CHARLI BATLEY | Chief of Staff / VP Operations | PhoreMost
FIONA KELLAS | Partner, Life Sciences | Maucher Jenkins

Howdy partner!

Collaboration has been imperative in delivering the next generation of medicines. How will traditional and non-traditional partnerships deliver the best therapeutics for patients?


SAHIL KIRPEKAR | Head of Business Development | Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies (U.S)


NICOLA HERON | Chief Business Officer | Medicines Discovery Catapult
GEOFF DAVISON | Chief Executive Officer | Bionow
NAWAL ROY | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Holmusk
OLIVIER DRAP | Associate Director R&D Business Development | Pfizer

Mental Health in the Workplace

Millennials, Zoomer and Boomers – Mental Health affects us all: supporting our people during and after the pandemic?


MARCO MOHWINCKEL | Chief Commercial Officer | COMPASS Pathways


EUGENE BORUKHOVICH | Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder | Your Coach
OLIVER HARRISON | Chief Executive Officer| Koa Health
SARAH JONES | Founder | Mental Health Intelligence Consulting
ANNE BENEDICT | Chief People Officer | COMPASS Pathways

Waiting patiently

The pandemic has made patients much more aware, and in some cases sceptical, of medicines development. How can we engage, educate and empower patients to enable medicines to reach them more quickly?


PAUL WICKS | Independent Consultant | Wicks Digital Health


SEB TUCKNOTT | Co-Founder | IBDrelief
ANKITA BATLA | Lead-Health Insights and Patient Partnerships | VMLY&Rx
NICK SIREAU | Chair and Chief Executive Officer |  AKU Society
BELLA STARLING | Director | Vocal
CHARLES STEWARD | Patient Advocacy and Engagement Lead | Congenica

Preventing the next pandemics

As we approach the end of 2021, the prevention agenda has become more relevant than ever.
Has the pandemic set public health back? Can we do better? Better risk prediction, better prevention interventions, better distribution of funding and use of technologies to solve the problems we are facing?
How can we think creatively to reimagine public health and what will we be saying about progress in 10 years’ time?




MARTIN LUSH | Global Vice President, Pharma Biotech and Medical Devices | NSF Health Sciences
MIKE TRENELL | Chief Executive Officer | Changing Health
RICHARD TORBETT | Chief Executive Officer | ABPI
KATHERINE STUELAND | President And Chief Executive Officer | GeneDX
JOHN DEANFIELD CBE | Professor of Cardiology | University College London

Closing remarks

TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare