Pharma Integrates 2021 Track 2


How can we adapt our processes to accelerate the development and delivery of medicines?

Welcome and opening remarks

TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare
Ben Osborn | President ABPI & Managing Director UK | Pfizer

Fireside Chat

An interview with: SIR JOHN BELL | Regius Professor of Medicine at University of Oxford | Chairman of the Office for the Strategic Coordination of Health Research
Interviewed by: TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare

I feel the need for speed

Coronavirus vaccines were developed at unprecedented speed. With growing expectations that drugs are made more quickly, how can we accelerate timelines?


IAN CAMPBELL | Chief Business Officer | LifeArc


MICHAEL YOUNG | Co-founder | Lindus Health
AMIT SHAH | Biotech Venture Capital Investor | S.R. One Ltd
JOHN McDERMOTT | Executive Drug Development Consultant | Quotient Sciences
AHMED BOUZIDI | Vice President of Biotech | ProductLife Group
TIM LUKER | Vice President Emerging Technology and Innovation | Eli Lilly
MATT LING | Director of Scientific Services | Catalent

Underpinning the Future of Healthcare with High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

The need for a faster, more fluid research environment is driving the adoption of advanced computing technologies

Time-to-market, accelerated research programmes and quicker decision making are key criteria for pharmaceutical companies with a pipeline of novel products in development and the wider life science ecosystem. The adoption of AI and machine learning in healthcare, enhanced 3D genomics using graphic processing units (GPUs) and high-performance computing (HPC) is increasingly speeding up the drug discovery timeframe. But, how can we make this technology more accessible, what best practice can we learn from application – large and small today and how will it influence and drive forward the future of digitised healthcare?


PAUL TUNNAH | Founder and Chief Content Officer, | pharmaphorum and Healthware Group


KEVIN COX | Chair | Biorelate
LEE MYALL | Chief Executive Officer | Kao Data
NICK PAPPAS | Strategic Partnerships, Life Sciences | The Hartree Centre | STFC | UKRI
ANDREW PIERCE | VP of Translational Biology | Crescendo Biologics
CRAIG RHODES | Industry Business Lead Healthcare and Life Science | NVIDIA

Are you in or out?

While pharma outsourcing is still on the rise, the pandemic has led to near-shoring or activities being brought in-house to ensure milestones could be met. Where will we make our medicines in the future?


MARK TALFORD | Deputy Challenge Director, Medicines Manufacturing | Innovate UK


NATHALIE HUTHER | VP Business Development | Nanoform 
CHARLOTTE WILES | Chief Executive Officer | Chemtrix​
REBECCA COUTTS | General Manager | PCI Pharma Services 
GARETH JENKINS | Vice President, Science and Technology | Quotient Sciences 
DAI HAYWARD MBE | Chief Executive Officer | Micropore Technologies 
DECLAN HANNIGAN | Director of Business Planning | SK biotek Ireland an SK pharmteco Company

Genomics is Key

The past decade has seen genetically targeted therapies go from theory to practice, particularly in the field of oncology. Every new disease-causing gene discovered opens up a new line of attack on rare, intractable, and chronic diseases, but health systems risk multiple bottlenecks that might derail progress. While there are ethical, logistical, and scientific challenges to overcome, what might the potential opportunity be for genetically-characterised populations to accelerate research and care?


PATRICK SHORT | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer | Sano Genetics


ANDREW RODDAM | Chief Executive Officer | Our Future Health
JOANNE HACKETT | Head of Genomic and Precision Medicine | IQVIA
DIRK PAUL | Senior Director, CVRM Genomics | AstraZeneca
JAMES DUBOFF | Strategic Partnerships Director | Genomics England

Pharma on trial

Time is always of the essence for clinical programmes. How do we design for stratification, speed and ultimately success, and how do we make the most of clinical data?


MARK DUMAN | Chief Strategy Officer | COUCH Health


MERI BECKWITH | Co-founder | Lindus Health
KAZEM RAHIMI | Co-founder | Zeesta
FLIC GABBAY | Managing Partner | tranScrip
SHAUN TREWEEK | Professor of Health Services Research | University of Aberdeen
GRAHAM WYLIE | Chief Executive Officer | MRN

Closing remarks

TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare