Pharma Integrates 2021 Track 3


How can we predict future pharma needs and prevent the next pandemics? How can we use the current focus on pharma to demystify medicines?

Welcome and opening remarks

TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare
Ben Osborn | President ABPI & Managing Director UK | Pfizer

Fireside Chat

An interview with: SIR JOHN BELL | Regius Professor of Medicine at University of Oxford | Chairman of the Office for the Strategic Coordination of Health Research
Interviewed by: TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare

Delivering the Promise of Net Zero: From Ambition to Action

This fireside chat brings together stakeholders from government, healthcare systems, professionals, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to reflect on the success to date in the sector (with achieving Race to Zero Breakthrough Ambition), and beyond commitments, what is needed next to drive action towards these goals and net zero by 2050.


FIONA ADSHEAD | Chair | Sustainable Healthcare Coalition


JASON SNAPE | Global Head of Environment | AstraZeneca
SIMON AUMONIER | Principal Partner | ERM: Environmental Resources Management
SONIA ROSCHNIK | International Climate Policy Director | Health Care Without Harm
MONTSE MONTANER | Chief Sustainability Officer | Novartis
SARAH OUANHNON | Senior Delivery Lead, Greener NHS Programme | NHS England

Active Collaboration with Your Excipient Supplier Could Optimise Formulation Development

It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole pharmaceutical ecosystem to launch a new drug

Often erroneously considered to be inactive ingredients, excipients play a vital role in both drug development and delivery. By taking an end-to-end approach to formulation optimisation and liaising with excipient suppliers throughout the entire process chain, innovator companies can expedite time-to-market and produce more effective pharmaceuticals. Topics such as regulation, safety, single-source supplies of special grades and sustainability will be discussed.


BRIAN HENRY | Vice President, Global Head of Drug Product Design | Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development


BRUNO HANCOCK | Global Head of Materials Science | Pfizer
PROFESSOR DAVID JONES | Pro-Vice-Chancellor, School of Pharmacy | Queen’s University Belfast
PROFESSOR JEAN-JACQUES ZAMBROWSKI | Health Policies & Health Economics
ALI RAJABI-SIAHBOOMI | Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer | Colorcon
LIZ MEEHAN | Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Technology & Development | AstraZeneca

In the spotlight

Previously the pharma industry has not been the most popular. Now all eyes are on us. How can we use this focus to demystify medicines and convey our impact?


CLAIRE THOMPSON | Chief Executive Officer | Agility Life Sciences


NICK JOHNSON | Chief Strategy Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
JOLYON MARTIN | Founder and Business Development | PetMedix
FIONA ADSHEAD | Chair | Sustainable Healthcare Coalition
LYNNE TROWBRIDGE | Vice President, External Communications | Abcam
JAYNE LAWRENCE | Head of Pharmacy and Optometry & Director | Manchester University & North West Centre for Advanced Drug Delivery (NoWCADD)

Fast Forward – The future of Pharma Supply Chains

  • What could/should supply chains look like 10 years from now?
  • Responding to the shift towards patient centric and personalised medicine
  • What the pandemic taught us about how quickly we can build supply chains (when we have to)
  • Innovation and emerging technology trends……what tech can be deployed today and what will be needed in the future?


DAVE TUDOR | Managing DirectorMedicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI


ANDY EVANS | Vice President, Clinical Manufacturing and Supply | AstraZeneca
MARK BUSWELL | Vice President Vaccines Tech | GlaxoSmithKline
ELENA BONFIGLIOLI | Managing Director and Regional Lead EMEA Healthcare, Global Pharma Lead | Microsoft
JOHN COLEMAN | Group Chief Operating Officer | Your Special Delivery Service
NAZNEEN RAHMAN CBE | Non-Executive Director | AstraZeneca
HASSAN MUMTAZ | Senior Manager (Application) | Applied Materials

CDMOs Scale Up

This session will address the evolving dynamics of the CDMO industry, in particular, how the business of the “mega CDMOs” is likely to evolve, and the implications for competition among smaller and speciality CDMOs.


JIM MILLER | Advisor on Bio/Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Strategy


LEON WYSZKOWSKI | President, Commercial Operations, Pharma Services | Thermo Fisher Scientific
ELLIOT VAUGHN | Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
VINCE RICEVUTO | Vice President, Head of Directs and Manufacturing Site Procurement | GSK
MARK CASSIDY | CEO & President | Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services Europe
DEREK SEABORN | Vice President Global External Sourcing | AstraZeneca

Forecasting Pharma’s future

When the pandemic is finally behind us, what will the future of health look like?


MARIA ORR | Head of Precision Medicine, Biopharmaceuticals, Precision Medicine and Biosamples | Astrazeneca


PHIL CARVIL | HealthTec Cluster Manager | UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council
JAMIE UNWIN| Commercial Insights Officer | Nanoform
CHRISTOPHER O’DONNELL | Partner and Executive Director | Pfizer Ventures and Pfizer Worldwide Research
JASON MELLAD | Chief Executive Officer | Start Codon​

Closing remarks

TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare