PharmaTech Integrates 2020 Track 1


Welcome and opening remarks

DAVE TUDOR, Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI

Revolution not evolution of Biologics production

Stepping up to meet patient need and market demand. Streamlining, enhancing and integrating upstream and downstream biological and vaccine production. Delivering more efficient and flexible production to dynamically address the demand side


LUCY FOLEY | Director of Biologics | CPI


JONATHAN HAIGH | Vice President, Process Development | FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies
MARK PROCTOR CBE | General Manager R&D and Operations | AstraZeneca
JAMES MISKIN | Chief Technical Officer | Oxford Biomedica
JAMIE UNWIN | Commercial Insight Officer | Nanoform
PAUL DALBY | Co-Director | Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub

Digital Twins and MicroFactories

Directors, Prof Alastair Florence and Massimo Bresciani, will present on how CMAC are working on flexible integrated manufacturing technologies to accelerate product and process development, providing greater agility, sustainability and flexibility for future medicines development and manufacture.

The combination of digital design and predictive tools; smart, adaptive workflows and data systems with instrumented MicroFactory platforms and Quality by Digital Design concepts will create new patient centric supply chain solutions and secure access to medicines for patients.


ALASTAIR FLORENCE | Director, Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC) Research Hub |  University of Strathclyde
MASSIMO BRESCIANI | Industry Director, EPSRC Future Manufacturing Research Hub | CMAC

What are the benefits when using the Glatt MODCOS (MODular COntinuous System )?

An introduction and overview on Glatt’s world of continuous manufacturing for OSD-Pharma. Glatt-MODCOS offers a wide range of processing capabilities and options due to the unique modular approach. From as low as 1kg/h up to over 1’000kg/h can be processed with Glatt continuous processing equipment. Direct compression and Wet Granulation. It is not only the equipment – the comprehensive service on process development and process guidance complete the full scope approach. Come in and have a look!


ANDREAS GOTTSCHALK | Business Development Key Technologies Pharma, MODCOS | Glatt

Making solid progress in Continuous Direct Compression

Building smart and dynamic collaborations that increase the adoption of continuous manufacturing principles and practice, with clear data modeling strategies, applied across the spectrum of finished dose forms.


JON-PAUL SHERLOCK | Head of Innovative Manufacturing Technology | AstraZeneca


ALASTAIR FLORENCE | Director, Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC) Research Hub | University of Strathclyde
MOHAN GANAPATHY | Head, Global Quality and Compliance | Merck & Company, USA
ANDREAS GOTTSCHALK | Business Development Key Technologies Pharma, MODCOS | Glatt
ALASTAIR COUPE | Senior Director, Drug Product Design, Pharmaceutical Sciences | Pfizer Ltd
FERNANDO MUZZIO | Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering | Rutgers University

Getting value from process data in advanced pharma manufacturing

Intelligent measurement, modelling and control are at the heart of Pharma 4.0. Getting the right data and using it properly are crucial for effective digitisation of advanced manufacturing.

The Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT) is the leading “community of practice” in the development and use of advanced process monitoring and control techniques.

The CPACT Showcase will explain the CPACT ethos and illustrate how it supports scientists and engineers working in process analysis, chemometrics and statistics, and process modelling and control through unique cross-sector cooperation. If advances in these PAT areas are important to you and your teams, this Showcase will be of interest to you and your colleagues.


DAVID LITTLEJOHN | Philips Professor of Analytical Chemistry | University of Strathclyde
MARTIN WARMAN | Associate Member | Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT).

Intense thinking for API manufacture

How to drive process intensification, continuous manufacturing, and biocatalysis into API processes. Delivering improved control, efficiency and compliance whilst reducing the carbon footprint of medicines manufacture whilst enhancing national security and resilience.


CLIVE BADMAN OBE | Executive Director | University of Strathclyde


MARK TALFORD | Deputy Challenge Director | Medicines Manufacturing
SALVATORE MASCIA | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals
RAJEEV BUDHDEV | Executive Vice President & Head – API R&D | Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
RUTH HARDY | Director Chemical Research | Pfizer
MIKE GIBSON | Chief Technical Officer | Sterling Pharma Solutions

How do we align with the Regulators for new technology approvals and do it faster?

An interview with: IAN REES, Manager for the Inspectorate Strategy and Innovation Unit, MHRA
Interviewed by: CLIVE BADMAN, Executive Director, University of Strathclyde

Is your organisation ready for the technology revolution?

An interview with: SIR JIM McDONALD, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Strathclyde
Interviewed by: TAMSIN BERRY, Director, PHP

What are the game changing technologies and approaches that can transform the carbon footprint from Pharma manufacturing?

An interview with: JULIETTE WHITE, Vice President – Global SHE and Sustainability, AstraZeneca
Interviewed by: ROUDIE SHAFIE, Director, OVID Health

Closing Remarks

DAVE TUDOR, Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI