PharmaTech Integrates 2020 Track 2


Welcome and opening remarks

DAVE TUDOR, Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI

Advanced thinking

Tackling the development, scale up and scale out of ATMP to effectively address rare and complex diseases..


JACQUELINE BARRY | Chief Clinical Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult


CHRIS BALDWIN | Supply Chain Director for Cell & Gene Therapy Products | GSK
CHRIS VANN | Chief Operating Officer | Autolus
KWOK PANG | Chief Operating Officer | Autolomous
BRIAN MULLAN | Head of Innovation, Analytical and Process Development | Yposkesi

Turning Data Oil into Insights Gold?

Unlocking Future Science Through Real World Data Integration, Modelling & Analytics

  1. The data challenge to Pharma and R&D intensive industries
  2. How Industry 4.0 was supposed to enable our data dreams
  3. The reality of this in 2020
  4. How CPI are addressing this challenge
  5. How B&H have helped them and supported unlocking – very brief examples of selected POC projects.
    A) Running Agile Projects for Data,
    B) Making Real World Inroads,
    C) Developing Scorecards to focus efforts.
  6. Practical takeaway steps for the audience – 2 or 3 things the audience can take away to quickly check their organisational reality vs dream


DAVID PARKINSON | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer |  Brave & Heart
ALFREDO RAMOS | Managing Director | Engagement and Ventures | CPI

System modelling to Accelerate Pharmaceutical Development

The Pharma industry has undergone significant changes in recent years with many companies pursuing the development of lower risk / smaller volume products while progressing a much larger R&D pipeline. The success of this strategy is dependent on the ability to rapidly accelerate development through game changing technologies such as system modelling. This presentation will illustrate examples where the GSK simulations platform has been used to efficiently deploy system models for drug substance and drug product to support process design, control definition and verification. Other examples will illustrate the concept of a web application to facilitate the take up of modelling by not experts to assess process optimisation in a manufacturing environment, and the interplay of system modelling with machine learning and automation.


SIMEONE ZOMER | Scientific Director – Process Analytics | GSK

New Genes

Enabling the progression and adoption of complex DNA and RNA based technologies to tackle new therapeutic areas (oligonucleotides), to ensure rapid deployment and better outcomes for patients.


KATIE MURRAY | Technical Director at MMIC | CPI


BARRIE CASSEY | Pharmaceutical and biotechnology technical expert and leader | CPI
AL BOYLE | Chief Technical Operations and Quality Officer | Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
MARTIN OLBRICH | Scientist in Process Research | Roche
JESKE SMINK | Head of Drug Substance, | Silence Therapeutics

The Art of the Possible with Environment 4.0

At our technology showcase, we want to demonstrate there doesn’t need to be a trade-off between addressing the environment and delivering measurable business results. These drivers can go hand in hand. We will explore the next phase of Industry 4.0 which we are calling Environment 4.0. We will share accessible technology and tools that are currently delivering real results in efficiency, performance, mitigation, and waste reduction, while also delivering a positive impact on profitability across the pharmaceutical industry. This will be backed up with tangible case studies from clients across who have already made significant steps forward in their Net Zero journey and delivering on their strategy towards fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Join to hear more about how you can tap into the power of technology to support your own sustainability efforts.


MARTIN WELSH | Managing Director | Booth Welsh
CHRIS MCCOMB | Head Of Business Development | Booth Welsh
AIMEE DOOLE | Marketing Communications Manager | Booth Welsh

Medicine Manufacturing Innovation Centre: Delivering Benefit to Industry and Patients Through Complex Technology

The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC) is a new and unique GMP Innovation Centre whose mission is to deliver complex manufacturing technology through collaborative innovation to benefit patients and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. This presentation will outline one of our Grand Challenges (Grand Challenge 2) to demonstrate our approach to innovation and the work we have completed during our start-up phases.


DAVE BERRY | Grand Challenge Lead | Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre

Immune Response

Transforming vaccine manufacture to increase access to vaccinations through speed, cost and more sustainable vaccines supply chain.


SARAH GOULDING | Challenge Director | UKRI Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund in Medicines Manufacturing


MATTHEW DUCHARS | Chief Executive Officer | Vaccines Manufacturing & Innovation Centre
DAVID HIPKISS | Chief Executive Officer | Enesi Pharma
IAN MUIR | Chief Executive Officer | Porton Biopharma

How do we align with the Regulators for new technology approvals and do it faster?

An interview with: IAN REES, Manager for the Inspectorate Strategy and Innovation Unit, MHRA
Interviewed by: CLIVE BADMAN, Executive Director, University of Strathclyde

Is your organisation ready for the technology revolution?

An interview with: SIR JIM McDONALD, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Strathclyde
Interviewed by: TAMSIN BERRY, Director, PHP

What are the game changing technologies and approaches that can transform the carbon footprint from Pharma manufacturing?

An interview with: JULIETTE WHITE, Vice President – Global SHE and Sustainability, AstraZeneca
Interviewed by: ROUDIE SHAFIE, Director, OVID Health

Closing Remarks

DAVE TUDOR, Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI