Established in 2002 by Professor Mike Rubinstein, Quay Pharma is an independent, privately-owned company with the scientific expertise to respond flexibly to each new challenge, and give every project the best possible chance of a successful clinical trial.

By far, our most important asset is an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience that enables us to design novel and effective drug delivery systems built on a fundamental scientific and technical understanding of our clients’ requirements. Quay Pharma offer every client a bespoke approach matched precisely to their needs and circumstances. We know that a university department researching new drug applications has different needs from a major manufacturer developing a new chemical entity because we work regularly with both.

Over the past decade we have successfully developed safe, robust and effective new products for more than 100 clients, across a spectrum of projects that range from hard-to-deliver New Chemical Entities to reformulations of established drugs, many of them now either successfully licensed or in the latter stages of clinical development. We have also helped with the successful development of a wide range of generic products, medical devices and veterinary products. Significantly, we have often devised successful formulations where other companies have failed.

Already recognised for our innovative and successful work in developing highly effective drug delivery mechanisms for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, our aim is to establish ourselves as recognised world leaders in early-stage drug development.


16 November 2020