Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Therapeutics

Richard is CEO of Apollo Therapeutics, a collaborative venture between three world-leading UK universities (Imperial College London, UCL and the University of Cambridge) and three global pharmaceutical companies (AZ, GSK and J&J). Apollo and the Universities identify projects well positioned for drug discovery and Apollo leads these projects through design, outsourcing, milestone delivery and project management; providing the funding and expertise to translate innovative science into novel therapeutics. Apollo has a current portfolio of 24 projects, spanning drug modalities and therapy areas, with the aim of generating compelling packges for licensing to BioPharma partners around Candidate-Ph1. The first projects are expected to be outlicensed shortly. The Apollo culture is based around ultra-efficency in quality experimental design, decision making and reducing the cost-to-Candidate compared to industry standards.

Richard is a cell biologist with a degree in biochemistry from the University of York and PhD in cell biology from UCL and spent 20 years in pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. Richard’s career has largely been asset and portfolio centric delivering translational drug discovery and development goals in biology, drug safety, translational and clinical roles.


16 November 2020