Sai Life Sciences is one of India’s fastest growing Contract Research, Development & Manufacturing Organizations.  A pure-play, full-service CRO-CDMO, it works with global innovator pharma and biotech companies to accelerate the discovery, development and commercialisation of small molecules.

Over the past two decades, Sai Life Sciences has served a diverse set of NCE development programmes, consistently delivering value based on its quality and responsiveness. It has a 100% successful track record of regulatory inspections across its R&D and manufacturing facilities. Today, it works with 17 of the top 25 large pharma companies, in addition to several small and mid-sized pharma & biotech companies and has over 2200 employees across its facilities in India, UK and USA.

In 2019, marking the completion of 20 years since inception, the company announced Sai Nxt, an organisation-wide initiative aimed at transforming itself into a new generation CRO-CDMO. Guided by the insights and feedback from its customers, it committed to investing over US$150M between 2019 and 2023 to significantly expand and upgrade its R&D and manufacturing facilities, deepen scientific & technological capabilities, strengthen automation and data systems, and above all raise the bar for safety, quality and customer focus.

The company’s infrastructure expansion as part of Sai Nxt include

  • Discovery biology lab in Boston, USA
  • Centre of excellence in process R&D in Manchester, UK
  • State-of-the-art Biology facility in Hyderabad that houses in vitro and in vivo biology services, DMPK, toxicology and a vivarium.
  • Integrated research & technology facility in Hyderabad with technology platforms including flow chemistry, biocatalysis and crystallization
  • 172 KL API & Intermediate manufacturing capacity
  • High potent capability in R&D and manufacturing
  • Dedicated Clean room block
  • Dedicated Amidites block

Sai Life Sciences is the first India-headquartered company to join Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI). The company is backed by TPG Capital and HBM Healthcare Investments.



20 May 2021