Founder, Mental Health Intelligence Consulting

Sarah P. Jones designs behavioural health training programs and policy strategies and delivers education and cultural transformation for corporations on the topic of mental health intelligence for the workplace.

Sarah is a research fellow of the Imperial College Data Institute, serves on The Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission on Mental Health and Wellbeing, is an advisor to the UK Cabinet Office’s International Joint Comparator Unit. She is completing her doctoral research in mental health technologies in the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London.

She advises the World Health Organisation on global COVID-related health behaviour and collaborates on Life Satisfaction research with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network World Happiness Report. She co-authored the most recent Lancet’s Covid Commission Mental Health Taskforce Report and provides data from over 30 countries to the Lancet’s covid data hub. She is a peer reviewer for the world’s leading digital health Journal of Medical Internet Research. She has been a mental health research advisor to The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since 2016.

Her global survey on COVID19 related behaviours and mental health is used by the WHO, the IMF, the Bank of England, the UK Cabinet Office and her work is featured regularly in the NY Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, The FT, The Times and the World Economic Forum, and her commentary has been regularly featured / appeared on BBC news, BBC World Service, Nature and other global publications. Download the reports here. View the COVID19 dataset here. Download her seminal academic paper on digital mental health tools co-authored with the Director of the World Health Organisation’s Mental Health programs here.

Sarah’s business career has included serving as global marketing director of a leading luxury brand at LVMH and as a technology investment banker at Morgan Stanley reporting to Ruth Porat (CFO, Alphabet) and she is a Scientific Advisor to YouGov, a global data provider.

Sarah’s research on attitudes, behaviour and mental health employs a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative methods: from focus groups to structural equation modelling in SmartPLS, to predictive modelling using GLM and logit models in R and clustering (KNN) algorithms.