SK pharmteco Inc (SKPT) is pleased to announce that Joyce Fitzharris, currently serving as General Manager, SK Biotek Ireland has been promoted to the office of President, SK biotek Ireland. Growth in our business base and projected expansions continue to support SK biotek Ireland’s position as a key contributor to SKPT’s EU and worldwide business.

Joyce has been leading our Irish Operation, based in Swords, Dublin, since December 2019. Under her leadership, SK biotek Ireland has grown financially. She has transformed both the business and organization. Joyce has been at the forefront of implementing strategies with the pursuit of qualitative growth, operational excellence, acceleration of cost reduction and productivity improvement. SK biotek Ireland is strengthening its competitiveness as a CDMO and playing a key role in the global network of SK pharmteco.” said Dr. Aslam Malik, CEO of SK pharmteco, the parent company of SK biotek Ireland.

“I am delighted to be a part of the growing SK pharmteco Global CDMO organisation and know the Swords Campus will continue to contribute and play a key part in that growth.” “Our business in Ireland is growing and we continue to expand our capabilities in what we offer to Customers. The Irish Team is excited to play our part in the manufacture of critical APIs for our Customers and their patients worldwide” shares Ms. Fitzharris.

Joyce has worked within the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) business for 30 years. She has held multiple Technical, Compliance, Operational Excellence and Leadership positions with increasing levels of responsibility with Bristol Myers Squibb and SK biotek Ireland.

Joyce holds a B.Sc. Analytical Science from Dublin City University, a M.Sc. Environmental Protection from Sligo IT and a M.Sc. Emergency Management from Dublin City University.

About SK pharmteco

SK pharmteco is the single customer-facing team comprised of SK biotek Ireland, AMPAC Fine Chemicals, SK biotek Korea, Yposkesi. Creating substantial market synergies in the API CDMO space by combining highly complementary assets and expertise, this union enables us to provide the highest-quality services to our customers.